The Joys of Spending a Summer in England Whilst Being 19 and Irish

As college came to an end in mid-May, most students were getting ready to go on holidays with their friends, buying tents for upcoming festivals and cracking open a few cold cans to celebrate the start of summer. I however was booking a one-way ticket to my Dad's house in Kent, where I would live… Continue reading The Joys of Spending a Summer in England Whilst Being 19 and Irish


Advice on Surviving End of Semester Stress

As the year comes to an end, the due dates for assignments are starting to creep up on us all. So from my own experience of pulling all nighters and endless cups of coffee, I'm going to share some advice on how to overcome the stress of assignments. Organisation It's best to make a list… Continue reading Advice on Surviving End of Semester Stress

Two semesters in pictures.

As I head into the last week of my first year in college I have been given cause to reflect on the past few months of what was a very interesting experience and change from the leaving cert life. In the last couple of weeks, waves of nostalgia have begun to kick in, and by… Continue reading Two semesters in pictures.


Tattoos and Their Stories

College is an opportunity for people to try out new things and to get out of their comfort zones. Some people do this by joining new clubs and societies, taking up a new hobby, applying for a job/internship etc. But some people tend to experiment with more permanent experiences. Due to lack of parental supervision,… Continue reading Tattoos and Their Stories


5 Tips on Battling the College Cold

From the girl who is currently coughing and sneezing in bed. 1.Stay Hydrated!ย  Drinking enough (water..) is so important when sick. It helps flush the cold out and it's also vitalย as dehydration can cause vomiting, which is the last thing you want. 2. Ditch the Labelled Meds I overheard one of my housemates giving out… Continue reading 5 Tips on Battling the College Cold


College with Crohn’s

In the following post, I will be trying to give you an insight into my experiences of being a first year student in college with Crohnโ€™s/ Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after a rough few months in the middle of my Junior Cert. I started on a course of medication that seemed… Continue reading College with Crohn’s


An Introduction

As part of a social media module, Becky Quealy and Chris Reddin had to create, promote, and develop a blog of their choosing. Below, the two first year New Media and English students give an insight as to how they ended up in the University of Limerick, what they hope to achieve from their studies,… Continue reading An Introduction