5 Tips on Battling the College Cold

From the girl who is currently coughing and sneezing in bed.

1.Stay Hydrated! 

Drinking enough (water..) is so important when sick. It helps flush the cold out and it’s also vital as dehydration can cause vomiting, which is the last thing you want.

2. Ditch the Labelled Meds

I overheard one of my housemates giving out that they had to buy ibuprofen because all they had was Nurofen..THEY ARE THE SAME THING! The only difference between the two is the price. Being a student is expensive enough so don’t waste money on labelled brands because own brand medicines are just as good and a lot easier on your wallet. Read the article below for all thee proof needed!





Personally I hate the taste of Lempsip and I always have, but there is absolutely no denying that they are miracle workers. I find they work best when you take them just before you go to bed, but remember they contain paracetamol so take either the Lempsip or the tablets but never take both at the same time.

4. Dr. Pointless

If you have the standard cold symptoms: Headaches, runny nose, tickly cough etc., there is absolutely no point in going to your doctor/G.P. because they will prescribe you paracetamol and advise you to “rest and plenty take of fluids”. If your college doctor is free then by all means go and get checked for piece of mind, but I know that some colleges (University of Limerick), a doctors visit can cost between €15 and €25 so unless you’re really bad, the doctors are not necessary.

5. Avoid The Sesh

As hard as it may be to resist the €3 deals in Angel Lane on a Monday night, going out when you have the flu/cold is the worst idea. You will end up getting run down which can turn your cold into a chest infection, which results in antibiotics and therefore; no drinking. So in the long run, it works out better to stay at home and try and sleep off the cold. And watching everyone’s Snapchat stories is almost as good as being there!


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