Two semesters in pictures.

As I head into the last week of my first year in college I have been given cause to reflect on the past few months of what was a very interesting experience and change from the leaving cert life. In the last couple of weeks, waves of nostalgia have begun to kick in, and by Friday the 21st, the last day of semester two, I’m sure many of us will be half- overwhelmed by it all.

Such a new experience, like going to college, is an obvious creator of new memories, undoubtedly, countless memories were made. New friends, new places, no parents have led to moments I’m positive I won’t forget, as I’m sure is the case with most freshers every year.

I captured as many of these moments in the best way I could imagine- through pictures- a split second that I will hopefully never lose. I decided to ask a few friends if they had any one picture that they will look back on fondly in years to come when they think back on their college times. Below are a few examples of these memories. 

“When we all sat out, and talked for hours in the March sun”, the Author

Reminds me of how, in college, I’ve become more proactive and defined my views on issues, like the 8th Amendment”, Mairead


 “Have so many good memories from this night of stupid, funny and idiotic things with the best people“, Aine

“This is Jarvis, he came into us after a night out once and slept in one of the boys’ rooms. I miss Jarvis”, Fiona


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